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I'm an official Tarantino fanboy now (Kill Bill comment)

No spoilers

I’ve just finished Kill Bill Vol. 2. I’m quite surprised how much Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 differ. Part one started strong, but left my taste when I noticed that...

Digital Nomadism - Moving to A Coruña

Apparently I was an unsuspecting witness of an illegal seagull gathering yesternight. I was falling asleep (after my roommate ended her phone call and no further notifications a la “dum-dum-dum-DUM...

Developing my own themes

Lesson of the week: If you can, do code your own theme.

Black Swan (2011) - Review (no spoilers!)

No spoilers

Is this movie receiving praise like Donnie Darko, Fight Club and Shutter Island? If not, it better be - quickly!

Review: Red Sparrow (2018) - no spoilers!

No spoilers

So, the movie was finally published on german Netflix. I distinctly remember wondering myself whether I should go to the cinema to watch it. (The premise is simple - A...

Keeping up with the habit - Journaling Morning Pages #6

Making or breaking habits can be tough. We’ll explore this struggle in today’s short journal entry.