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1917 - Movie Review

1917 - Movie Review
Photo Credit: Francois Duhamel/ Universal Pictures No spoilers

Do you like the feeling of being in a video game? Do you love butt-clenching moments of tension? Do you enjoy crying at public places? 1917 might be just a film for you then! Enjoy my spoiler free review.

The look of a one-take

One of the greatest features of this movie is looking like it was shot in one continious take. The effect is imminent and immersive. You as the viewer feel like part of the mission.

Judging war movies

Fun Fact I: Since I’m not much of a fan of war movies I probably wouldn’t have seen 1917 if it wasn’t for the cinematography. This is a great lesson to not judge a book movie by its cover!

Conveying emotions

Humans are excellent at reading faces and relating to emotions. It is for this reason that the whole theatre tried to keep from crying when Sco found Blakes brother and finally gave in to their tears when Blake was on the verge of tears himself.

It’s not the tragedy of the events, but the sympathy and mirroring of the characters that trigger the emotions. I think this might be the secret to conveying an “effective” death.

Crying at the theatre

Fun Fact II: I do express my emotions openly, but this is nevertheless one of the rare, unexpected times a film got me tearing up. This is also the first time I witnessed people crying at the theatre together. (How could you not though?)


1917 brilliantly conveys friendship, tension and emotion thanks to its signature cinematography. The movie feels like an immersive video game and and keeps you on the hook thanks to excellent story pacing. Scenes of tension are followed by scenes of heart warming interactions and room to breath. I was seriously reminded of the pacing in The Last Of Us.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, do yourself a favor and see it while it’s still in cinema.

PS: Intense movies these days. Speaking of which - have you seen The Lodge?