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Keeping up with the habit - Journaling Morning Pages #6

Keeping up with the habit - Journaling Morning Pages #6
Photo Credit: Behnam Norouzi

Making or breaking habits can be tough. We’ll explore this struggle in today’s short journal entry.

sidenote: The original post draft contained further entries about confidentiality and intermittent fasting. I decided to cut them out in favor of the next journaling entry: “The virtue of self-love”. Make sure to check it out in case you stumbled upon this series.

“Keeping up with the habit” - 03.08.2020

I feel .. numb and tired, but I want to be productive, I want to create. I hate these contradictive feeling.

I think .. I need a nap.

It took .. 35 minutes? I didn’t finish the third page, because I was sick of writing it. Today’s content was very whacky and mixed up. There was hardly a red line as I was jumping through topics. Nothing felt right and I was just tired of having to write.

Is it good that I did it anyway? Surely. At least I’m keeping up with the habit. It might’ve been easier with a keyboard, but that’s not the intention. Writing physically helps our brain process thoughts with both sides of the brain. Here’s an unscientific simplification:

Emotions are associated with the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is mainly associated with logic, precision and reasoning. Writing engages our left brain to deal with “topics of the right side” and thus supports the involvement of both parties.

I (might) want to .. turn Morning Pages into a more generic writing session for me. It might start with 1-2 pages of “personal” stuff that shifts into work on blog posts, stories or whatever comes to mind. Only nine more days until my “Morning Page challenge” is finished. I’m really excited to draw conclusions and have a personal recap.

PS: I do feel better and more ready for productiveness after summing up this journal entry. Afterall, I might just be physically exerted and therefore too lazy for handwriting.