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Exploring ideas - Journaling Morning Pages #2

Exploring ideas - Journaling Morning Pages #2
Photo Credit: Calum MacAulay

Welcome to part two of my journaling series (I think there might be ten in total). Feel free to breeze through the headlines and highlights as there wasn’t anything groundbreaking.

“Exploring ideas that come up” - 18.07.2020

I feel .. tired. Probably because of yesternight’s wine. I am motivated to tackle the day though (it’s 1 PM LOL).

I think .. about ideas that came up during the writing session. I consider how to handle them most efficiently.

Morning Pages are highly individual. I like recapping the day and drifting into ideas that come up. This approach has an inherent problem: There’s a limit of three pages.

A compromise might be exploring the idea briefly and then tracking it somewhere else to come back later. I think that worthwhile thoughts can be stored away safely if their essence is captured in time.

It took .. 45 minutes today.

I want to .. have some coffee, decide on one of my many drafts to finish, clean the house and watch a nice movie afterwards. I’m thinking Akira or Nightcrawler. (It turned out to be Nightcrawler!)

“The third page was hard, but worth it” - 19.07.2020

I feel .. tired, because I first spent two hours preparing and eating the most perfect pancakes and two hours meticulously scrubbing the bathroom afterwards. (Cleaning the bathroom was not related to my breakfast) Anyways, the day started well so far!

I think .. about a potential topic for a blogpost - “Handling Fight or Flight as a developer”. I’m also thinking about a little project to catch spelling mistakes in Markdown files. Is there such a GitHub Action/ CI component?

It took .. 45 minutes today. Transitioning onto the third page required a bit of imagination today, but it was worth it.

I want to .. finish and publish my recent draft on mindfulness today! (Wow, the exclamation mark means I’m serious)

“Is it better to write at home?” - 20.07.2020

I feel felt .. irritable, because I didn’t have breakfast, started writing in a shaky bus and had to finish writing at my work desk. I was rather easy to set off in the time between.

I think .. it might be a better idea to dedicate time to write at home. Being stressed to finish defeats the purpose.

It took .. 35 minutes with 30 minutes between the two sessions.

I want to .. figure out if I was solely irritable, because I got up at six o’clock instead of seven like yesterday.

“Morning Pages can be about anything” - 21.07.2020

I feel .. relaxed and more insightful. Today’s writing process was harder though. I actually struggled to find content after the first page was filled. It helped to remember that Morning Pages can be about anything. So, I wrote a letter to myself. It was really insightful and long due.

I think .. that I might enjoy the Morning Pages, because I feel the need to write in general. Time will tell how the pages are spent.

It took .. me about ~45-50 minutes, because I tried to make the letter compact and express myself properly.

I want to .. learn more about the craft of writing.