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The perception of pure mindfulness

The perception of pure mindfulness
Photo Credit: Mohamed Nohassi

I recently experienced a complete immersion of mindfulness and took the opportunity to describe what it feels like. My writing turned out quite poetic. Nevertheless, it might be just the reason why people practice meditation. Please enjoy my little journey into the depths of human consciousness.

In case you haven’t heard of mindfulness before:

How true mindfulness feels like

The joy I feel is not a sense of traditional happiness. It’s the purest sensation of bliss I can imagine. It’s like a switch was flipped inside my head. I feel freedom that can only be compared as the absolute absence of noise in my head. A state of pure clarity. Absolute stillness. No distractions, no background thoughts. The goal of every yogi, monk and casual meditator.

I observe without judgement. Taking it all in. Seeing it all at once. The whole and the details at the same time. I breath and my mind is empty. My heart is content. Not sad, nor angry, not busy nor bored. Just there. And it’s nothing like love. No rose-colored glasses limiting your more objective view. This is reality as far as it gets.

It fades as you formulate thoughts and write them down. You can expand the period by choosing to stay mindful. Practice is obviously helpful. Nonetheless it’s alright the way it is - I wonder how long one can stay in this state though.

It would be probably better to write more. But right now, I’m choosing life over productivity. Maybe we should all do it more often.

My usual practice

You might wonder how my experience came to be. I’d like to provide a little background:

I’d consider myself an intermediate practitioner of mindfulness (it’s really versatile and can be done in many ways). Meditation is usually my preferred way to get into it. I do it more often, but definitely not habitually. The end of a session usually leads to well-being and a clearer mind. So far, there haven’t been instances that were comparable to this experience though.

Movies are powerful

I know it’s funny, but the state is actually result of watching “Your Name”. I highly praise and recommend the movie! That might seem trivial, but movies are powerful.

Feel free to checkout my (upcoming) review after you’ve seen it yourself.