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The power of writing - Journaling Morning Pages #5

The power of writing - Journaling Morning Pages #5
Photo Credit: Ian Stauffer

Part five is made up of small entries that describe how Morning Pages helped me to remain confident and motivated. They’ve been lying on the workbench for almost a week and tried pressuring me to expand them into full articles.

I hereby remind myself that “Journaling Morning Pages” is supposed to track how daily writing affects my life quality. It’s not intended to produce wholesome articles. Instead, I choose to

  • work on the craft ✔️
  • reject the curse of perfection ✔️
  • appreciate longer posts as “happy accidents” ✔️

“Grasping opportunities” - 28.07.2020

I feel organised and relaxed. The writing helped me sort out confusing thoughts and schedule my available time.

I think that writing daily is an underestimated habit. I’ve heard a lot about it, but I had to experience it myself in order to truly believe it.

It took 30 minutes at most. It was exactly as long as my commute. That was very pleasing. I feel satisfied and ready to get on with the next task.

I want to appreciate and grasp daily opportunities. I wrote about desires like “meeting Spanish speaking people” or “instantly talking to (attractive) women I see on the street”. And you what’s funny? I usually find opportunities the minute I write about these resolutions. I had just exited the train and finished writing as I saw a couple of (cute) girls passing by. Guess what, they spoke Spanish.

“Writing makes me confident” - 29.07.2020

I feel .. better and more confident than I did before the pages. This is prime example of the magic of writing.

The days start was tiresome. I woke up deprived, blue and joyless. Having to write the Morning Pages was a huge blessing. It was cleansing to shake bad thoughts off on a page.

As that was done, I naturally began to build myself up by acknowledging my strengths, talents and privileges. There is an abundance of good in ourselves and our lives. Appreciating it helped me to reframe my feelings. I still wasn’t feeling “happy”, but that was alright. At least I had found the strength inside me again.

By the way, happiness is a lie. People tend to make too big of a deal out of it.

I think .. today’s pages gave me a HUGE kick in the butt! I feel an overwhelming sensation of strength, power and motivation to GO FOR IT. And know what? Maybe I want to be a full-time writer. Maybe that could be a real thing. I feel very inspired after reading this interview with Tania Rascia.

It took .. only 30 minutes. I wrote half a page more, because I couldn’t stop myself. It was really healthy and felt good.

I want to .. to be able to work outside and be productive while enjoying the nice summer.

“A eulogy for myself” - 30.07.2020

I feel .. immensely grateful. My pages started out with complaints on stress and all the things I need to manage (exams are coming up). I felt hugely overwhelmed. My stream of consciousness then somehow turned the last page into a eulogy for myself.

I started frantically scribbling that I’m good the way I am and finished with a deep sense of gratefulness (which I wrote about as well).

I think .. the power of self-love is immense and crucial part of a healthy life. Far too often we slip into subtle manners of self-criticism. We expect ourselves to be the very best without consideration to which degree that’s possible.

When was the last time you showed compassion for yourself? I know I’ve been neglectful in this manner, but I am very actively changing that.

It took .. 30 minutes aka a commute.

I want to .. workout how to handle work, 5 exams, an upcoming master thesis, my hobbies and most importantly my sanity.