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I'm an official Tarantino fanboy now (Kill Bill comment)

No spoilers

I’ve just finished Kill Bill Vol. 2. I’m quite surprised how much Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 differ. Part one started strong, but left my taste when I noticed that...

Black Swan (2011) - Review (no spoilers!)

No spoilers

Is this movie receiving praise like Donnie Darko, Fight Club and Shutter Island? If not, it better be - quickly!

Your Name (2016) - A sincere eulogy (spoilers)!

Spoiler alert

“Your Name” is one of the most memorable movies that I’ve seen in years. There’s been a lot of good movies, but few that left as much of an impression....

Review: Red Sparrow (2018) - no spoilers!

No spoilers

So, the movie was finally published on german Netflix. I distinctly remember wondering myself whether I should go to the cinema to watch it. (The premise is simple - A...

Circle (2015) - Worse than you think

Spoiler alert

Have you ever seen one of those movies that have a great premise, but make you cry over the time you lost watching them? Yeah, Circle is one of them...

1917 - Movie Review

No spoilers

Do you like the feeling of being in a video game? Do you love butt-clenching moments of tension? Do you enjoy crying at public places? 1917 might be just a...

The Lodge - A discussion of modern horror (2020) - Spoilers!

Spoiler alert

The Lodge offers us what The Shining offered viewers in the 70’s: A fresh take on (psychological) horror. Welcome to my discussion on modern horror! - Spoilers included!

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Keeping up with the habit - Journaling Morning Pages #6

Making or breaking habits can be tough. We’ll explore this struggle in today’s short journal entry.

The power of writing - Journaling Morning Pages #5

Part five is made up of small entries that describe how Morning Pages helped me to remain confident and motivated. They’ve been lying on the workbench for almost a week...

Why Morning Pages are good - Journaling Morning Pages #4

Part four tells the story of reflection, humility and responsibility. We explore the power of our actions and shun all trace of victimhood. I hope you’re not sick of mindfulness...

Being uncomfortable - Journaling Morning Pages #3

Here goes part three. I’ve removed the logs of the 22nd & 23rd july, because they consisted of one liners. The 24th is special though. It deals with discomfort.

Exploring ideas - Journaling Morning Pages #2

Welcome to part two of my journaling series (I think there might be ten in total). Feel free to breeze through the headlines and highlights as there wasn’t anything groundbreaking....

Trying out Morning Pages for 30 days

I recently learned about “Morning Pages”. The concept is simple: Handwrite three pages about ANYTHING you like. There are no rules what to write about. You are done as soon...

The perception of pure mindfulness

I recently experienced a complete immersion of mindfulness and took the opportunity to describe what it feels like. My writing turned out quite poetic. Nevertheless, it might be just the...

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Developing my own themes

Lesson of the week: If you can, do code your own theme.

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Digital Nomadism - Moving to A Coruña

Apparently I was an unsuspecting witness of an illegal seagull gathering yesternight. I was falling asleep (after my roommate ended her phone call and no further notifications a la “dum-dum-dum-DUM...